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Cervitec Gel - Oral Health Care Gel 
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Cervitec Gel - Oral Health Care Gel 

Professional protection at home with Cervitec Gel
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Protects gums, teeth and restorations by maintaining the health of the gingiva and the oral mucous membrane.

Particularly recommended as a support during the therapy of patients with inflammation of the mucous membrane, the gingiva or periodontal tissue


Healthy gums, healthy teeth, healthy mouth

There are a lot of different bacteria in the mouth.  They form plaque on the gums, teeth and tooth replacements.  Others attack the teeth.  Usually, you keep the harmful bacteria in check with your daily oral hygiene measures.

Personal challenges

Crowded teeth, fixed braces or artificial tooth replacements make it difficult to clean certain areas: harmful bacteria settle and multiply in these areas.  They may cause inflammation of the gums, damage to the teeth (tooth decay) and odours.

Other factors may also play a role in the case of inflammation and gum bleeding.  Your dentist and dental team will advise you on the possible causes and initiate the suitable therapy.

Keep bacteria at a healthy level

Problem areas in the mouth require special protection, like that achieved using Cervitec Gel.  Chlorhexidine, which has been a tried-and-tested substance for years, reduces harmful bacteria.  Consequently, less plaque is formed.  Inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes ebbs away.  The tissue can recover.  Bacterial growth on tooth replacements is reduced.  Your breath will improve.

Additional protection with fluoride

Like your toothpaste, Cervitec Gel also contains fluoride, which has been clinically proven for decades.  It strengthens your teeth and protects them from tooth decay.  Therefor, you can use the gel to brush your teeth in the evening.
Use an oral health care gel

Depending on your needs, you may apply Cervitec Gel directly on gums, oral mucous membranes or the inner aspects of removable tooth replacements on the interdental brush or floss.  Clean the space between teeth and fixed tooth replacements - for example crowns, bridges or implants - with the gel brush your teeth with Cervitec Gel as usual.


Do not rinse:  simply spit it out - done!

50g tube contains 900 ppm F- and 0.2% Chlorhexidine



Aqua, Hydroxy ethyl cellulose, Laureth-23, Chlorhexidine digluconat, Sodium fluoride, Aroma, Sodium saccharin

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