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Since 1962, WaterPik has been a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative personal and oral health care products.

Today, more than 50 studies have been conducted on the Waterpik dental water jet in over 25 independent and university-based research centers.  Research into the physics of the product has shown that pulsation appears key in the dental water jet since that is what helps clear bacteria and debris.  Today's Waterpik dental water jet oral irrigator is based upon the same principle and design as the original model – a powerful miniature pump sends a pulsating jet of water through a plastic syringe-like tip to clean the teeth (sweeping away debris from over, around and between teeth, and under the gumline) and stimulate the gum tissues.

Today's dental water jet is recognized as a product ahead of its time. The dental water jet's unique ability to disrupt bacteria that contributes to gum disease is now recognized by dental professionals; so much so that the Waterpik dental water jet is the dentist's #1 choice. Over the years Water Pik, Inc. has continued to work closely with dental professionals and consumers to develop and introduce products and accessories that help people improve their oral health.

After missing from the NZ market for some years, ToothShop now supplies the official licensed NZ model. We stock the recently rebranded WaterPik Waterflosser Ultra countertop model which has more power, more settings and in our experience has proven more reliable over the years than the Cordless model, as well as replacement tips.  On a daily basis we see patients who hate to floss.  Waterpik technology has been used for decades overseas and now you too can enjoy the benefits here in NZ.  The top of the line Waterpik Waterflosser Ultra is now available at ToothShop and is the only system that combined with brushing is clinically proven to be up to 93% more effective at reducing gum bleeding than brushing and flossing alone, and more than 3X more effective at plaque removal.

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Water Pik Pik Pocket Tips PP-100E (2 Pack)
Water Pik Sensonic Interdental Brush Replacement Heads (2 Pack)

Water Pik Pik Pocket Tips PP-100E (2 Pack)

NZ $38.00

Water Pik Sensonic Interdental Brush Replacement Heads (2 Pack)

NZ $38.00

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