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Polident offers a full range of denture care products, developed for use with both full and partial dentures. Polident denture care products are endorsed by the New Zealand Dental Association.

Polident Adhesives are designed to enhance a well-fitting denture. By holding dentures firmly in place, denture adhesives provide reassurance and confidence. They are safe to use everyday.

Polident Adhesives act as a supporting layer between your dentures and your gums, preventing them from rubbing and causing irritation. They prevent bits and pieces of food getting stuck between the dentures and your gums, so you can enjoy a wider range of food. An adhesive also increases your ability to bite into foods without dislodging your denture.

Just like natural teeth, your dentures need cleaning morning and night. Polident's range of Denture Cleansers can help keep your dentures fresh, clean and white, giving you added confidence in social situations.

Polident cleansers are safe to use on partial dentures.

Enjoy the freedom of Polident!

Learn more about caring for you dentures with Polident in the PDF pamphlet below:


Polident Denture care information booklet

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