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GUM Sunstar (Butler)

SunstarGUMSince the Butler company was founded in Chicago in 1923 it has been a respected leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of breakthrough oral health care products of the highest quality.

Sunstar has taken over the company since 1988, but it was Dr. John O. Butler, a periodontist from Chicago, who first started the company in 1923.  He originally developed a toothbrush that was shaped correctly and able to reach the back of the mouth and met the needs of dental professionals at that time to have have a fine quality toothbrush that met oral hygiene requirements.

In the 1940s Dr. Charles C. Bass, a physician and Dean of Tulane University Medical School, began studying dental diseases upon his retirement in 1940.  Prior to his studies the link between oral hygiene and dental caries (decay) and periodontal (gum) disease was not well substantiated.  He is now known as the "Father of Preventive Dentistry" and developed the technique of toothbrushing still recommended today - The Bass Technique.  He also developed a toothbrush that enabled correct use of this technique and gave Butler the exclusive rights to market it.  The latest version of this is the GUM Technique + Toothbrush.

The GUM Sunstar (Butler) range is now more than just toothbrushes, and we have a wide range of their oral hygiene products available at ToothShop.

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