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Ideal for patients who have difficulty using floss

Jacks Dental Pro Interdental Brushes are ideal for patients who have difficulty using floss to clean between teeth or have specific spaces around their teeth where small brush access is more appropriate.

Handy pocket size

Jacks Dental Pro Interdental brushes come in a handy pocket size and each pack comes with a traveling cap.  A wide range of sizes accommodate narrow and wide spaces.

Single Pack SS

XS (Yellow/Lemon) Minimum diameter 0.8mm Cylindrical 10 brushes per pack

Did you know?

40% of dental plaque between teeth is not removed by a toothbrush! Dental plaque removal rate can be improved to 95% by using interdental brush like DentalPro Interdental brushes.

Jacks Dental Pro Interdental Brushes are the best value for money interdental brush.

How do you use a Dental Pro Interdental brush Correctly.

jacksinterdentalbrush merged pic

A lot of people "do not know where to insert an interdental brush" - You insert an Dental Pro interdental brush into the gap between a gum and two teeth (called interproximal triangle: Fig. 1) from the side of the teeth.
Do not insert the brush into the gap between a tooth and a tooth but into the one among "a gum, a tooth and a tooth".

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