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Puradent Clean Denture Cleaner Spray - 100mL 
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Puradent Clean Denture Cleaner Spray - 100mL 

Spray, Brush and Rinse. Quick, Easy and Effective
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Removes plaque, tartar and other unwanted coatings

Puradent Clean removes plaque, tartar and other unwanted coatings effectively from your dentures or removable orthodontic appliances and leaves a fresh taste of peppermint.


Remove the dentures before cleaning. Keep the dentures approximately 25 cm from the bottle. Spray 5-6 times all over the dentures. Wait approximately 10 seconds and brush thoroughly in running water. For hard limed dentures of heavy coatings leave dentures to soak in Puradent Clean for approximately 2-3 hours. After soaking brush dentures thoroughly in running water and rinse.


Do not spray Puradent Clean directly into the mouth. Avoid contact with eyes.


Contains Citric acid in water, peppermint oil, less that 1% other active substances.  Puradent Clean is Persulphate-free.

100mL Bottle with spray nozzle.
Denture weith cal -not cleaned 2nd dentured cleaned - double picture

For results shown we soaked the dentures in Puradent Clean for 4-6 hours. This was calculus that had accumulated over 10 years and was very easy to brush away after that period of soaking, when we tried the "Spray wait 10 seconds and brush" the results we not as effective but there was a considerable amount of tartar present. Our recommendation would be to soak the dentures the first time for 4-6 hours to remove all tartar, plaque and calculus, then once dentures are clean use daily with the "Spray wait 10 seconds and brush" method.

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